365 Days of Justice

Today, all those lies and malicious slanders have been put to rest, and the truth has triumphed. The mentors and disciples of Soka have won. Today across the globe, the Soka Gakkai and its first three presidents are highly praised and regarded as shining lights of hope for all humanity.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Few more weeks...

Doctor pronounced my grand aunt with advanced liver cancer yesterday. "Few more weeks, I am sorry." that was what doctor said...
My grand aunt is the one who brought us up and showering us with her love as if we are her own grand children. I don't think anyone will ever tolerate all four of us if not because of her undying love for us. She chants from time to time. I told her to be brave, and keep chanting.
Anyhow, I can't help but to think..
Few more weeks... she is leaving us
Few more weeks... she is going alone
Few more weeks... she will be gone forever
Few more weeks... she is going to be Buddha in death.

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