365 Days of Justice

Today, all those lies and malicious slanders have been put to rest, and the truth has triumphed. The mentors and disciples of Soka have won. Today across the globe, the Soka Gakkai and its first three presidents are highly praised and regarded as shining lights of hope for all humanity.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Falls of the Autumn Star at the Wuchang Plain. A beautifully touching song depicting the scene of Zhuge Liang last battle at the Wuchang Plain. This song was performed by SGM KL Choir the other night. I was so touched by the lyric and the chorus. I remembered Sensei shared Toda Sensei's guidance to the youth division, "As youth, you should think like Zhuge Liang. Bring forth wisdom. And win victory upon victory for the sake of the people." I must fight on.

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