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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ini Kali Lah (This is the Time)

My country is boiling hot now. Hot with heated discussion on which political party is better for the country; hot with rallies that colored every single townships and villages with colorful political party flags and banners; hot with political seminars and talks organized by different poll running candidates; hot with active netizens busy facebooking and you-tubing on their political views and affiliations; hot with artists and composers composing and creating songs and clips that stir the emotion of the general public; and last but not least, hot with the politicians propagating their manifestoes and promises if they win the next Malaysia General Election.
Majority of our countryman are roughly divided into 2 major camps, the National Camp and the Opposition Camp. Everyone voice their affiliation with one camp or another. Many feel exited about the day when we can make a change in the political history of Malaysia by ruling out the current government. While the ruling party is trying their best to maintain and defend their 56-year of status quo.
General public think the ruling party is using dirty tricks to ensure their position now and there are countless rumors being spread via Facebook, sms and many other alternative means of media. The society is filled with excitement and anxiety at the same time. Majority of the public yearning for a total CHANGE for a better future.
Everyone thinks this is the Time, Ini Kali Lah! We will have to make the change this time or it will never ever going to happen in the future! And consequently, the country is going to bankrupt and the people is domed.
Some friends that I met showed their overwhelming concerns. What if the ruling party unscrupulously manipulated their dirty trick during the polling day? What if the Opposition party loss this time? Will there be a future for our nation? Should we start thinking of migration? What should we do now to ensure there is a clean election?
Instead of being swayed by this emotional sentiment that pervades the atmosphere of the society now, I strongly urge the people to see deep into the cause of the reason why we want a CHANGE so badly?
It lies in the people. It is the people who has deteriorated in their integrity and trustworthiness when they become the elected government servants in their office.
In order to change for a better future, we need to recognize it is the people's quality, people's mentality, people's believe, people's character and attitude we need to change. In a nutshell, the one thing we need to change is the people's hearts. A beautiful heart that is willing to serve the people and the nation wholeheartedly is the one we should be aiming for. It is one's heart that matters most!
Hence, I would say,
Ini Kali Lah, we shall look deep into the root cause that causes today's deteriorated condition in our country.
Ini Kali Lah, we shall treat the root cause with the most effective measures.
Ini Kali Lah, we shall bring the light of Human Revolution to the society.
Ini Kali Lah, we shall spread the compassion of Nichiren Buddhism to more people.
Ini Kali Lah, we shall Rissho Ankoku!

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