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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

India and Buddhism

Writing this blog in Ajit Bhawan Palace Resort at Jodhpul, India
I can never forget my first Indian trip to Mumbai few years ago. JC and I were both not very impressed with India.
However, this CNY break I took another trip here with KE. This time I travel to the Delhi, Agra and the Rajasthan, the land of the Maharajas. It gave me a total different impression of this land and its people again. I see India as one of the most colorful country i have visited so far. The richness of its history, culture and traditions, not mentioning its breath of religious mythologies and deities, has already captivated my photography interest by far. Their temples are decorated and celebrated highly by the people. The people flock to places of worship in thousands to make their offerings daily. These scenes quenches my photography's thirst but deep down in me, I think otherwise...
One really disheartening fact is the trace of Buddhism, one of the most profound philosophy in the world today, has lost its influence in the lives of the people at its birth place, India, today. A philosophy that liberates people from the shackles of spiritual and religious dependency has lost its appeals here. When will people start to realize the whole idea of human existence is to impart and create values into this world? We are not born to serve a religion or a deity or something. A true religion should be there to empower human spirit, a spirit for us to live a life that shines through others' lives and society. Buddhism teaches us exactly that, a philosophy that guides us to lead a value creating life. I must do more shakubuku, an act to make people realize the purpose of their life. In other words, an act to guide people to fulfill their mission in life.

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