365 Days of Justice

Today, all those lies and malicious slanders have been put to rest, and the truth has triumphed. The mentors and disciples of Soka have won. Today across the globe, the Soka Gakkai and its first three presidents are highly praised and regarded as shining lights of hope for all humanity.

Monday, July 13, 2009

7.11 YMD Day

We had one of the most successful YMD Day Meeting 2 days ago. The theme for our YMD Day meeting is Human Revolution. We had an afternoon YMD All Leaders Meeting, we had YMD Night Duty appreciation dinner in the evening and followed by ALL YMD Meeting at night. It is a long day of meetings and everyone enjoyed them. We had the YMD leaders to perform the seven characteristics of Human Revolution to their fellow members, and they did great! Towards the end I talked to them about how Human Revolution is actually equivalent to Enlightenment in contemporary term. I hope they grasp the point. We should have this YMD Day meeting every year for ALL YMD to get together and go GaGa! Gakkai meetings should have ambient and spirit like that and everyone will be looking forward for Gakkai meetings.

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