365 Days of Justice

Today, all those lies and malicious slanders have been put to rest, and the truth has triumphed. The mentors and disciples of Soka have won. Today across the globe, the Soka Gakkai and its first three presidents are highly praised and regarded as shining lights of hope for all humanity.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art of Healing

For the past 1 week, I have been attending class to learn the art of healing called longevitology. It is an art of channeling the energy from the universe through our hands to the sick and activate his "chi" for him to heal from within. I was a bit skeptical about the truth of this technique. But I do agree with the teachers on we must heal the people's heart first and let all have the compassion to help others who are sufferings.
These 2 days, we were trying it out with my grand aunt. The maid said she felt her body getting warmer. Today, she can come out from her room after 1 week. Is that a mere coincidence or it is truly the longevitology? I need to monitor further. But to me, I will continue to chant and do whatever possible to help her through.

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